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Healthcare since before HL7


Hulatech are specialists in solving complex integration issues in order to support healthcare practitioners in their decision making, quality improvement and performance management.

Hulatech's first integration project for a Healthcare provider was delivered in 1996. Since then Hulatech have gained a deep understanding of the digital challenges that the NHS and other Healthcare providers face. By harnessing the power of information and technology Hulatech has been unlocking huge benefits and enabling a superior use of health and care information while protecting every citizen's data.

Hulatech has excellent understanding of relevant Information governance legislation, strong experience in the implementation of Ensemble, Iris and HealthShare, as well as deep knowledge of other integration engines. This makes Hulatech a prime choice for the healthcare provider who has a strong focus on innovation and improvement and wants to deliver the best care possible to their patients through bespoke clinical and business solutions.

Why Hulatech?

We are the specialist architects of custom integration solutions for the NHS and Healthcare providers with the ability to create enhanced new systems or refresh and modernize existing ones to bring them in line with current and predicted necessities.

Hulatech are passionate about software quality and take responsibility for solving complex integration issues in order to drive excellence in public health and social care. We design products to support practitioner decisions, quality improvement and performance management.

Why Hulatech?


Better integration solutions and services at your fingertips

Intersystem Healthshare enhancement, development and integration

Tailored and cost-saving solutions

Expert advice

Better decision-making

More efficient processes

Guaranteed message delivery

Indepth Health data knowledge

Security understanding

Why Hulatech?

Our Expertise